Everybody needs to let off a little steam sometimes. Tune out the outside world and just relax. There are a ton of activities available to allow for a little bit of “me” time. 

One of the most popular ways to enjoy downtime in the US is playing video games.

Over 200 million people, just about 70% of our population partakes in this past time. 

That’s a lot of nerds.

We mean that in a good way! We are all huge nerds at Blue Door. 

There’s a ton of scientific research on video games.

The consensus of these scientific studies is that gaming can be beneficial for your brain, in the right capacity. 

It has been shown that gaming can increase the competence of parts of the brain responsible for visuospatial skills – a person’s ability to identify visual and spatial relationships among objects. 

Furthermore, the results of the studies indicate that playing video games not only changes how our brains perform but also their structure.

Meaning that gaming can increase the size of your brain. We’re not making this up. It’s science

The deeper we dug the more incredible studies we found. 

Gaming can improve your eyesight, help surgeons become better at their job, even help patients handle and manage pain

Our understanding of video games and their relationship with the brain is still budding, there is so much more to research.

We can’t wait to learn more.

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