If you’ve had a chance to try some of the virtual reality (VR) products available to the public, you probably have an idea of how far the industry has come in the last few years.

You also probably have an idea of what it feels like to (virtually) skydive. It’s pretty awesome. 

Although the products are immensely entertaining, the potential for VR outside of entertainment is simply staggering. 

A recent study revealed one of the most recent applications — helping people manage acute and chronic pain. 

Patients participating in a study out of Los Angeles had a “notable drop in their perceived pain” while using VR headsets.  

As pain is typically managed with pharmaceuticals — many of which are potentially addictive and cause side effects — this study suggests VR may be a safe, effective, drug free solution to treat some types of pain. 

This isn’t the only way VR can potentially enhance the human experience beyond entertainment. Check out our article below on some other amazing uses for virtual reality technology.