Most of us have adopted a mindset that is hindering us and we don’t even know it. We think we need more of everything in order to make us happy. Not just material things like money, clothes, or gadgets, but also emotions, relationships, experiences and opportunities.

When we think we don’t have enough of something, we become intensely focused on short-term solutions, losing sight of our priorities. It’s an easy mind-trap to fall into. 

This doesn’t mean you have to give up all your worldly possessions and become a wandering monk; although honestly, that sounds pretty awesome. 

There are some simple ways to rewire our brains to drop the scarcity mindset. 

Let go of “stuff.” Give more.

— Giving is scientifically proven to increase happiness. It also has the ability to alter your perceptions about what you think you need in your life. 

Focus on avoiding comparisons.

— We all compare ourselves to other people, it’s a natural thought process. Getting our brains out of this pattern allows us to focus on ourselves, leading to  a greater understanding of what we have and what we actually want. 

Acknowledge others’ success

— Scarcity mindset can lead to emotions feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. The best way to combat this is by recognizing and celebrating other people’s accomplishments. 

Incorporating these three exercises into your thoughts will help you stop seeking what you really don’t need, allowing you to fully focus on your real priorities.