It might even make you smarter.

Some new research out of Germany shows that the scent of a rose can improve learning capabilities; both while you are awake and asleep. 

We know that smells can trigger memories, ever caught a whiff of some fresh October air and all of a sudden you’re 9 years old, about to walk into the first scholastic book fair of the year? 

You know what we’re talking about.

It’s not surprising that our noses can take us back in time. The part of our brain that processes smell is intimately linked with the hippocampus, which is where our memories are formed. 

This new study suggests that the nighttime smells boosted retention and overall learning capabilities when compared to just smelling the roses during the day. 

How big of a boost are we talking? Up to a 30% increase in overall learning success. That’s nothing to sniff at. 

We’re going to dive in and do more research on how smells can affect our day-to-day performance, stay tuned.