Remember that game? Well, a lot of us are still playing. 

It’s really easy to be a follower. We like to be pointed in the right direction, given a sense of purpose, and commended when we succeed. 

Unfortunately, this pattern tends to lead down a path lacking creativity and passion; two keys to happiness. 

So how do we break the cycle, become leaders, and unlock our creativity and passion?

All leaders need to adopt these two things into their mindset. 


  • Listen to understand, not to respond. This is perhaps the most important advice.  Programming your brain in this way will help you generate empathy.


  • Take Action. Work on drawing your own opinions out of a situation and sharing them. You must believe in the idea that you are highly valuable to others. Developing this pattern of thinking will give you courage. 

These are just a couple tips to get you started. Growing yourself isn’t something that happens overnight, but changing your mindset bit-by-bit will have massive implications over time.

What’s the best way to find happiness? Make others happy. 

What’s the easiest way to do that? Be a leader.