We love good news. That’s probably pretty obvious. One of the reasons we started Blue Door was to seek out and share the positivity in the world. 

We know that positive stories make us feel good, and it feels even better to share them with all of you.

But, there is more to it than just feeling good. When you regularly treat your brain to positivity, the benefits are truly profound. 

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So, we have put together a few science-backed reasons why you should continue to seek out and read as much positive content as you can!

Positivity Motivates Readers to Care and Strive to Make a Difference

Researchers at the University of Southhampton found that positive news stories gave rise to significantly greater levels of motivation and action than negatively framed stories. Although our brains are hardwired to respond to negative headlines, positive stories actually spur greater amounts of action. 

A similar study from the University of Texas found that readers of solutions-­based news articles were significantly more likely than non-­solutions readers to:

  • Have a heightened perceived knowledge and sense of efficacy
  • Feel a stronger connection with news organizations
  • Indicate a desire for potential engagement on an issue

Sharing Positive Stories Boosts Our Mood, Outlook, and Relationships 

Researcher Nathaniel Lambert of Brigham Young University discovered that people who share feel-good stories with others tend to be happier. We can attest to this first hand!

The same study found that when you share good news with a partner, their response has a direct effect on the sharer’s mood. Those who responded enthusiastically to ended up significantly boosting their partner’s mood!

Good News Can Help People Improve Their Quality of Life

A study out of Gonzaga University shows that sharing good news drastically improves the quality of life for service members returning from deployment or helping during natural disasters. 

Those who shared positive experiences slept better and were more successful in the workplace.

It’s Good for the Heart

A Harvard study discovered that that inspiring news can improve heart health. People who regularly consumed positive news were also more likely to have a healthier lifestyle and cope with stress better. 

The bottom line is that the world needs more positive news. You can help us spread the good by sharing this article with a friend and signing up for our free newsletter!