The Pomodoro technique with mindfulness breaks.

The Pomodoro technique suggests splitting tasks into small intervals of 25 minutes of working and 5 minutes of break.

Adding mindfulness into your breaks allows you to compound the benefits of both practices.

It was invented by a business school student, Francesco Cirillo, in the 1980s (it’s named after the Pomodoro tomato-shaped kitchen timer Cirillo used).

Here are the simple step-by-step instructions: 

  1. Pick a task.
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes (aka one Pomodoro). 
  3. Get to work. 
  4. Take a 5-minute break after your timer dings. 
  5. During the break, do a quick mindfulness exercise.
  6. Once you’ve done four of these 25-minute Pomodoros, take a longer break for 15–30 minutes.

You can check out some of the scientifically proven benefits of the Pomodoro technique by clicking here.

Finally, you can view some of the benefits of mindfulness exercises here.

Have you tried adding mindfulness into your Pomodoro technique? Let us know how it worked for you!

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