A whole challenge to do nothing? Sounds like a breeze! Been training for this my whole life! 

In reality, truly doing nothing ain’t easy and takes practice. 

Today’s challenge is a 3-part exercise designed to get you started. 

1. Figure Out What “Doing Nothing” Means to You 

Everyone has a different interpretation of doing nothing. It could be sitting in your favorite chair looking out the window. It could be walking around the neighborhood with no destination. Or doodling on an empty pad. If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for you.

While all of these are technically “doing something,” the point is to allow ourselves to become more and more used to the feeling of just chilling out and doing nothing. 

2. Set Aside Time for Doing Nothing. 

If you don’t block out time for nothing, you’ll always be doing something. Plan out 5-minutes at some point today to do your “nothing.” Make it non-negotiable and commit yourself to it. Make sure you eliminate all distractions before you start. 

Creating this time and space for ourselves is about investing in our own wellbeing. Allowing space for our thoughts and creativity to expand and come to life. 

3. Repeat Every day 

Remember, it’s going to feel awkward at first. But, if you repeat this every day you will be able to sink deeper and deeper into the practice and witness the true power of doing nothing. 

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