Doing nothing sounds like a breeze but it actually feels extremely awkward. Here are 7 ways to do nothing.

  1. Sit or lay on the floor unapologetically for 5 minutes. 
  1. Turn your phone on do not disturb and sit in your favorite chair. 
  1. Walk around your house or block with no music; see what you notice. 
  1. Close your eyes and look into the darkness. Notice the changing shapes. What colors do you see?
  1. Stare at plants and simply appreciate their beauty. Can you notice every single detail? 
  1. Focus on your senses: what can you touch nearby, what can you see, what do you hear, what do you smell?
  1. Do a body scan: start with your eyes and go down your body relaxing each muscle individually. 

While all of these are technically “doing something,” the point is to allow ourselves to become more and more used to the feeling of just chilling out and doing nothing. 

Creating this time and space for ourselves is about investing in our own wellbeing. Allowing space for our thoughts and creativity to expand and come to life. 

We highly recommend habit-stacking the act of doing nothing into your day

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