You can practice gratitude in so many ways. Starting a gratitude journal, setting a gratitude alarm, or even spending $6 million dollars on a grateful Superbowl ad. 

That’s how David MacNiel, owner of car accessories company WeatherTech, went about it anyway. 

David found out last year that his best bud, a golden retriever named Scout, had cancer. Unable to accept giving up on his best friend, he took Scout to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine for a second opinion. 

Although Scout’s survival chance was less than 1%, the team at the University was able to save his life. 

Instead of just donating the $6 million outright, David hopes the Superbowl ad will lead an even larger donation and increased awareness about their programs and research. 

You don’t need to spend millions of dollars to practice gratitude. There are dozens of ways to be more grateful in your daily life and the benefits are scientifically proven. Check it out here