Life isn’t all smiles and high fives, although we definitely try to make it that way. 

We all go through rough times and face adversity, and many of us do it alone. 

Rob Osman, a middle-aged English man, was able to find a way to overcome his constant state of hopelessness; walking in the woods with his dog. Rob wanted to share his healing process with anyone who was feeling the way he used to, and his project, Dudes & Dogs, was born.

In a recent interview, Rob said “I’m not doing anything unique, everyone knows dogs are good for you, it’s good to get fresh air, it’s good to talk. It’s just combining all those in one place – it’s created a safe space.”

Rob aims to engage men who feel stigmatized by their need to share emotions by engaging in the relaxing activity of walking dogs and having a conversation.  

Societal views on mental illness are changing, but many people around the world are still uncomfortable discussing how they feel. 

Men are significantly less likely to seek help for mental illness and projects like Rob’s are a small part of a necessary cultural shift to a more open dialogue on mental health. 

It’s also more proof that dogs are amazing.

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