We’re going to outline three journal prompts for you to incorporate into your daily routine. 

We do at least one of these every day; find which one works for you and try and stick with it for a few weeks to see the benefits. 

Morning Brain-Dump

This one is the most simple. When you wake up in the morning you simply write whatever comes to your mind for 15 minutes. 

It could be a dream you had, a plan for your day, things that are worrying you, things you are looking forward to, a list of funny words. Literally anything you want. 

Doing this first thing in the morning allows you to clear your mind and go into the day with a fresh mindset. 

The Expanded Gratitude Exercise 

This exercise is similar to just writing down things you are grateful for. However, this time you just select one thing and go into as much detail as you possibly can. Here’s an example:

Instead of “I’m grateful for living near the ocean,” It would be something like:

 “I’m grateful for living near the ocean because it allows me to be able to swim multiple times a year. All of my favorite animals live in the ocean. I can also go fishing, kayaking, surfing, and boogie boarding. Or just drink an ice-cold drink under the sun. Watching the sunset near the ocean also just makes me so fulfilled. The feeling of warm sand on my feet, while I’m reading a book, is so satisfying…” and then keep going. 

This prompt is great because you get the benefits of journaling and the benefits of a gratitude practice. Win-Win. 

Rhyming Affirmations 

This one may take some practice but it’s definitely our favorite. It takes the idea of affirmations and adds a creative twist. 

So instead of writing something like “I am doing my best.” You would make a quick rhyme like “I’m doing my best, like a bird building a nest.” 

If you have the opportunity to journal in a group setting, this exercise can get pretty hilarious if everyone shares their rhymes at the end. There are also some benefits associated with daily affirmation exercises. 

Do you have other daily journal prompts you use? Share them in the comments!

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