Challenges: 3-Peat Writing Exercise

Today’s challenge is a writing exercise designed to create positive change in your life.

Writing out what we want our lives to look like has profound effects on our lifestyle and routine. The 3-Peat is designed to do exactly this. 

This exercise is best completed with pen and paper. Physically writing down our answers forces us to slow down and put effort into the exercise. 

Plus, your notebook is not capable of distracting you mid-sentence with a notification 😉.

Begin by making three columns.

In the left column write down 5 values important to you.

We begin with values because we need to know what our values are before setting our goals. These can be things like Health, Intelligence, Community, Family, Career etc.

Next, in the middle column write down 5 goals.

We set our goals second so that we know they align with our values. Each goal should be specific to one of your values. For example, if your value is Health, your goal could be to add more movement into your day.

Finally, in the right column; write down 5 habits.

Every habit should bring you closer to one of your goals. Using the example above, if your value is health and your goal is to add more movement into your day, your habit could be a 20 minute walk every morning.

Try to be as specific as you can with the habits, noting a timeframe and location to complete it. This will give you a clear-cut roadmap of what to do every day.

This exercise works best when it is repeated frequently. It might be difficult at first, but over time we have discovered that our answers begin to surprise us.

Good Luck! 

Don’t forget to share this exercise with your friends. You never know who’s life you could change! 

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