Challenge: Goal Setting Exercise

https://youtu.be/ZI9Fd-A9JLU How to do a Goal Setting Exercise: Step 1: Create three columns: Values, Goals, HabitsStep 2: Write down your ValueStep 3: Choose your Goal that will fulfill your ValueStep 4: Create a specific Habit that is easy to accomplish and will lead you towards your Goal Share this Challenge with a friend! Do you […]

Challenge: 5 Minutes of Gratitude

https://youtu.be/oSBr2CifDmo How to do a 5 Minute Gratitude Exercise STEP 1: Write “I am thankful for…” STEP 2: Date the Page STEP 3: Start with the basics STEP 4: Ask yourself ‘Why?’ STEP 5: Get specific. Are you grateful for a friend? Share this with them!

Challenge: Training my Subconscious

https://youtu.be/0p-9MSxQ7MY How to train your subconscious: Begin with pen and paper. Write the date in the top right corner and headline the paper with Training my Subconscious. Write down any questions you have that you would like to answer. The next day, write down your best answer to each question. If you’re not satisfied with […]

Write Down Your Biggest and Wildest Dreams

Dreaming helps you generate higher levels of anticipation and excitement. It gives you an outline to determine your values, goals, and habits you want to achieve in life. Dreams are a cornerstone to a happy existence. We’ve created a simple 5 minute exercise to help you figure out your dreams. How it works: Step 1: […]