The Physiological Sigh is an exercise for stopping anxiety and stress in their tracks.

This technique is perfect for those high-energy moments where it just seems like we can’t control our minds. 

Often times during these moments we’ll try and use the mind to calm the mind; in this exercise, we are going to do something strictly mechanical by breathing in a specific pattern.

This technique will slow the heart rate down and calm the fight or flight response, allowing us to regain control. 

Here’s How it Works

The technique is simple; We are going to do two rapid inhales through the nose, followed by a long, extended exhale through the mouth. 

Try to do the inhales through the nose, even if you feel a little congested. If your nose is totally blocked, breath in through your mouth with pursed lips. 

We are going to repeat this 10 times, before returning to our normal breathing pattern. 

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Give this a try the next time you feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety and don’t forget to share with friends and family who may benefit.