How is Box Breathing Simplified

How is box breathing simplified?  When we slow the frequency of our breath, we trigger a restorative “relaxation response” in our bodies. Our heart rate slows and our blood pressure drops. This results in a calming effect on our thoughts. Our running mind becomes relaxed and our focus increases. Sounds like mindfulness, right? It’s definitely […]

Box Breathing Exercise

Challenge yourself with this box breathing exercise! via Gfycat Before you begin, sit up in your chair with your shoulders back and relaxed. Be sure not to operate a vehicle or anything where you can put others in danger. During or after the exercise, if you feel sweating or tingling in your hands and feet, […]

Challenge: Two Minute Basic Meditation

https://youtu.be/T12tqhT8Fl4 How to do a Two Minute Basic Meditation: 1. Set a Timer for 2 minutes 2. Focus all your attention on your breathing, wherever you can feel it (tip of your nose, in your chest, etc) 3. As your attention shifts, bring it back to your breath With practice, this exercise will improve your […]