We frequently advocate for our readers to say “yes”. 

“Yes” to new ideas, seeking experiences, adopting habits and changing lifestyles. 

But, as much power as there is in saying yes, it can be equally important to sometimes say “no”. 

Our priorities and values are defined by what we do; our actions. Every time we do something, we are saying yes to that thing. 

Scrolling through Facebook? Yes.

Eating a dozen cookies? Yes.

Putting off that passion project? Yes

See what we mean? 

Although eating a dozen cookies sounds amazing right now, in the long run, that probably doesn’t line up with your values or goals. Unless your goal is to eat a dozen cookies…

The point here is that saying “no” doesn’t mean you’ll experience less or reject changes. It means you’ll actually take your actions into consideration.

Just like most things worth adopting, saying no is a practice. At first, you’re going to experience what the kids call “FOMO” (fear of missing out), but over time you will notice your actions starting to align with your goals and values. 

And that my friends, is what it’s all about.