Want to boost your energy, be more focused, live longer and fly like the wind?

Well, we can definitely help you with a few of those things.

Here are 3 tips on how to increase your chances of eating healthy foods. 

Stash the junk out of sight. We know you’re stashin’. We are too. Keep that dark chocolate somewhere slightly inconvenient, like the tippy top shelf of your least favorite cupboard, and you’ll be surprised at how much longer it lasts. 

Keep the colorful stuff at eye level. We all have those drawers in our fridge where fruits and veggies go to die. Instead, store them somewhere where you’ll always see them. Sit back and watch your smoothie game go all the way up. 

Crock of goodness. There are millions of crockpot recipes online. Legit millions. Pick a healthy one, cook it, eat it, and store the leftovers in the freezer. Now you’ll have a healthy option when time is short and pizza is calling.

There’s nothing wrong with imbibing in your favorite dishes once in a while, but these tips will at least give you a fighting chance at picking something healthy.