The Coronavirus is increasing our need to know. We are attempting to protect ourselves, prepare for the worst, and survive as businesses, schools, and transportation shut down. Scary times! What can we do to remain calm and optimistic? 


Being uncertain is stressful because probability, ambiguity, and complexity are difficult to know. While the CDC provides updates, we don’t know how safe we are in daily interactions. How stressful! What can we do? 

By taking a few moments to focus on our breath, quieting our thoughts, and remaining present, some of our uncertainty becomes more tolerable. Have you tried practicing mindfulness? Well, no time like the present, right? Check out this video, where Renee Amberg teaches 10 exercises to help you stay present! 

Gratitude Journaling

Need an activity more concrete and easy to follow, ever tried gratitude journaling? This practice helps you stay calm and focus on the things you can control. Check out this page, where you can download your own journal, learn about the benefits, as well as get started today! 

Physical Movement  

Still need something more relatable to your interests and hobbies? Nothing like an old-fashion workout, hike, or bike ride to process difficult emotions and uncertainty! Here is a list of the benefits of physical activity, just as a friendly reminder. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts on emotions associated with the current pandemic. For more of my thoughts, check out my blog. Stay safe and healthy! 

Written by Millicent Sykes