The term “rewire your brain” has become a buzz phrase in the last decade or so. 

We see the headlines everywhere; blogs, websites, books, and magazines.

But what does it actually mean? Our brains are not computers and, last time we checked, there is no wiring coming out of our ears. 

When experts talk about rewiring the brain, what they are really referring to is neuroplasticity: the ability of the brain to reorganize itself in response to various sensory experiences.

It has been proven that our brains are constantly changing throughout our lives and that we can control these changes with certain activities. 

As American neuroscientist and author David Eagleman puts it in his book “The Brain: The Story of You:”

“All the experiences in your life — from single conversations to your broader culture — shape the microscopic details of your brain.”

Brain expert Jim Kwik notes that our brain is very much like a muscle and mental exercises yield gains just as physical ones do. 

So, let’s talk about mental fitness. 

According to Healthline, mental fitness is about keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape. 

It doesn’t mean training for “brain Olympics” or acing an IQ test. It refers to a series of exercises that help you slow down, decompress, and operate at your highest potential. 

Mental fitness is something that is often overlooked in today’s society; a cultural blindspot if you will.

Sam Harris puts it best: “Your mind is the basis of everything that you experience and of every contribution you make to the lives of others. Given this fact, it makes sense to train it.”

This is why we spend an entire day focusing on mindfulness

There are dozens of studies that prove that mindfulness exercises physically change your brain and alter your cognitive function in a positive way. These exercises and can even teach us compassion and how to be more empathetic.

You have the ability to improve the way that you feel. 

This is what we mean when we say “Rewire Your brain”

So why wait? Let’s get started today. 

Give this 2-minute exercise a try, your brain will thank you!

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