Here’s Why Twitter’s Gratefulness Emoji is So Important

Here’s Why Twitter’s Gratefulness Emoji is So Important

Tweets regarding gratefulness have spiked by over 25% in the last month, inspiring Twitter to release a new “grateful emoji.”  

The company said it has tracked a whopping 265 million tweets using the words “grateful” and “thankful for” since March 15th. 

Now, whenever a user enters either of those phrases as a hashtag, the new emoji of hands forming a heart will appear next to them. 

This is a big deal. 

At a time when mental health concerns are at a historical high, a marked increase in people practicing gratitude is seriously significant.

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Mainstream scientific studies have shown that practicing gratitude has notable effects on serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain; the feel-good chemicals which affect our overall mood. 

Gratitude has also been shown to lower stress levels, boost immune function, and improve metabolism. 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate gratitude into your daily routine, check out this simple exercise here

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